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The Aivo Connect is the first multi-solution phone mounting system to include Alexa Built-in. Now, you can access thousands of Alexa skills without ever having to take your hands off the wheel. Voice-activated commands allow you to safely check the weather, find directions, make a call, and more. Auto Sense technology makes mounting your phone quick and easy, while 10W of wireless Qi fast-charging power keeps your phone charged up. The adjustable cradle tilts up and down and rotates 90 degrees so you can find the ideal positioning for your phone in both portrait and landscape mode. The mount quickly installs on dashboards or windshields with a secure twist-lock feature. Stay connected on the road with the Aivo Connect!


Aivo Connect mounted on car windshield

Alexa Built-in

Ride with Alexa. Use your phone while keeping your hands on the wheel for a safer driving experience.

Aivo Connect Dash & Windshield Mount with Built-in Alexa, auto mode in action

Just Ask “Alexa”

Seamless voice activation to Alexa that plays through your car’s speakers via auxiliary input or your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection. Aivo Connect can hear you over music, A/C, and road noise.

Aivo Connect with Alexa Built-in accesses thousands of Alexa commands

Qi-Certified Fast Charging

Aivo Connect will keep your phone powered up on the go. Tested by the Wireless Power Consortium for safety, effectiveness, and compatibility, Aivo Connect is capable of fast-charging up to 10W.

Wireless charging keeps your dashboard organized, freeing up your phone’s charging port for AUX/USB audio connections while simultaneously charging your phone.

Qi-certified, fast charging Aivo Connect Dash & Windshield Mount charging phone at 10W

Auto Sense Mounting

Aivo Connect offers a maximum hold with minimum effort.

Automatic arms open & close in a smooth, fluid motion via an IR proximity sensor,* detecting when your phone is in range. An internal battery keeps the arms powered long after you turn off your car for easy phone retrieval.

*Infrared Proximity Sensor is a sensor for movement, position, and proximity that allows for automatic clamping of your phone.

Auto Sense Mounting detects and secures phone in Aivo Connect Dash Mount cradle

Mounting Options

The Aivo Connect comes with a twist-locking base that allows you to choose between multiple mounting options.

Aivo Connect mounted on car dashboard, dashboard phone mount, car dash mount

As a primary mounting option, place your Aivo Connect on the dashboard for adjustable viewing angles. Our adhesive twist-locking base will securely hold your device regardless of any bumps on the road.

Aivo Connect mounted on car windshield, windshield phone mount, car windshield mount

A secondary mounting option is on the windshield where the adhesive twist-locking base is at its most secure. We suggest mounting the Aivo Connect on the windshield if your car interiors feature leather or a curved dash.

At a Glance

Aivo Connect Wireless Charging Dash Mount specifications


Alexa built-in
Qi-certified wireless charging up to 10W
Auto Sense technology for easy phone mounting
Noise cancelling microphone
LED ring shows how Alexa is interacting with commands
Secure installation on dash or windshield

User Manual



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