Aivo Boost Dual Port Car Charger


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The Aivo Boost Dual Port Car Charger with Alexa Built-in seamlessly brings your Alexa ecosystem into your vehicle for an elevated driving experience. The Aivo Boost plugs into your car’s auxiliary outlet and is powerful enough to charge two devices simultaneously through the USB-C and USB-A ports. The dual microphones allow for clear communication with Alexa while the wake/mute button allows you to control Alexa with one tap. LED indicator lights show how Alexa is interacting with your commands. Stay connected and charged up on the road with the Aivo Boost!


Aivo Boost Dual Port Car Charger, Alexa Built-in, compact car charger, LED indicator

Alexa Built-in

Seamless connection to Alexa that plays through your car’s speakers via auxiliary input or your smartphone’s Bluetooth.

Aivo Connect with Alexa Built-in accesses thousands of Alexa commands
Alexa built-in aivo boost dual port car charger; car charger with Alexa, Alexa app support

Noise Cancelling Processor

The Aivo Boost uses a Knowles AI Sonic™ Audio Edge Processor for ambient noise processing, voice source detection, echo cancellation, and speech enhancement.

Noise-cancelling processor under the hood, Aivo Boost dual port car charger

Dual High-Speed Charging Ports

USB-C and USB-A charging ports capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously. Charge faster with the Aivo Boost!

USB-C and USB-A charging ports, fast charging car charger, Aivo Boost dual port car charger

Car Compatibility

The sleek design of the Aivo Boost means that it will fit in most vehicles, but every car is different. Check your vehicle’s 12V charger location and make sure you have 54.63mm (diameter) of space for your car charger.

*Make sure your charger cover flips open 180˚ or can be removed so as not to obstruct insertion of the Aivo Boost.

compact car charger, Aivo boost dual port car charger

At a Glance

Alexa built-in controls, wake/mute button, dual microphones, portable car charger

Award-Winning Design

“The Aivo Boost Charger’s impressive advanced technology offers ease and convenience behind the wheel, contributing to a safer driving experience.” — Red Dot Design Award.

redot award winning Aivo boost dual port car charger


Two microphones for voice activation
LED ring for voice-activated Alexa commands
Alexa wake/mute button
High speed USB-C and USB-A charging ports
Seamlessly integrates with other Alexa devices and ecosystems

User Manual

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