On the Road with Real iOttie Customers
Part 1: A Yellow Cab Story

This month, as part of a new three-part series, we’re taking you on the road with a real iOttie customer. Join NYC yellow taxi driver, Mohamed Bayo, as he tells us what it’s like to drive a cab in NYC, his favorite borough, the best part of his job, and why his car mount of choice is the iOttie Easy One Touch 6.

Note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.



iOttie: Tell us your name, where you’re from, and what you do.

Mohamed Bayo: Hi, my name is Mohamed Bayo, I’m from Guinea, and I’m a New York taxi driver.

iOttie: How long have you been a taxi driver?

MB: I’ve been driving a taxi for thirteen years now.

iOttie: How did you get your start as a taxi driver?

MB: I used to work in the restaurant industry and the schedule was not that great. I didn’t have my own time… so I decided to take the test to drive a New York taxi so [I could] choose my own schedule [and] be my own boss. 



iOttie: How many hours a day do you drive?

MB: I drive twelve hours a day. On the weekend, fifteen hours.

iOttie: Which shift do you usually work?

MB: I usually do the night shift. I don’t sleep well at night. I’m always awake. So that’s why I like working the night shift. 

iOttie: What time do you usually wake up and go to bed?

MB: I wake up at 2 PM. On the weekdays, I go to bed at 4 AM.

iOttie: What do you do when you’re not driving?

MB: When I’m not driving I go to the gym.

iOttie: What’s your favorite borough and why?

MB: My favorite borough is Manhattan because it’s multicultural; there’s a lot of things to do.

iOttie: What do you usually eat for lunch when you’re on the road?

MB: Whatever I can get, I eat. I like Philly cheesesteaks. Or I make omelets for myself.

iOttie customer leaning against his NYC taxi


iOttie: Have you ever picked up a celebrity?

MB: Yes, I’ve picked up many celebrities. The one that I remember is this soccer player, Thierry Henry. He used to be a French soccer player. And I picked up an actress in the city from Desperate Housewives. Her name is Teri Hatcher. 



iOttie: Do you use a car mount to help you navigate? And if so, which one?

MB: Yes I do use a car mount to help me navigate. I use the iOttie Easy One Touch 6.

iOttie: What do you like about the Easy One Touch 6?

MB: It’s very easy to use, like the name says. It’s very comfortable. You can use it on any side of your car, left or right. For me, I’m right handed so I like to use it on my right side. [When I drive] it’s not shaking, it’s not moving, and I never have a problem with it…. You don’t have to use two hands, just use one hand, it’s that easy.

Easy One Touch 6 Air Vent Mount inside NYC taxi


iOttie: What’s the best part of your job?

MB: The best part of my job is having my own schedule. Going to work whatever time I want to, coming back home when I want to. When I have an emergency, I can stop right there and go back home. I have kids. Sometimes there’s an emergency and they call me. I just stop and go back home.

iOttie: What’s the hardest part of your job?

MB: For me, it’s not that hard of a job, but sometimes when the business is slow, that’s kind of hard because you’re not making much money. But that doesn’t happen too often. I know how to make it.



That’s it for part 1 of our new series. We hope you enjoyed this ride-along with Mohamed. Stay tuned for more interviews with real iOttie customers!


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