iTap Wireless 2 Air Vent Mount

The iTap Wireless 2 Air Vent Mount is a compact and powerful wireless charging magnetic mount that charges smartphones with a simple tap. The design of the Metal Plate system allows for a strong magnetic connection and an optimal wireless charge. Featuring two powerful rare-earth magnets, the mount holds your phone with minimal effort while driving. Once mounted onto your air vent, Qi wireless charging technology delivers power to your smartphone automatically without the need for additional charging cables in the car. The iTap 2 Wireless Air Vent Mount delivers performance and convenience to any vehicle for a safer driving experience.


Full Manual(PDF)

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Full Manual(PDF)

Wireless Charging

Qi wireless charging delivers power to smartphones efficiently on contact.

Strong Magnetic Hold

Two rare-earth magnets provide a secure hold in various road conditions.

Optimal Alignment

The Metal Plate Placement Guide helps to accurately align the metal plate on your smartphone for the most efficient wireless charge.

Air Flow

Air vents on the back of the mount help air circulate for efficient wireless charging.

Simple Installation

Twist lock securely tightens onto most vehicle air vents for quick and easy installation.

iTap Wireless 2
Air Vent Mount


  • Qi Certified, wireless charging
  • 2 strong rare-earth magnets hold smartphones securely
  • Metal Plate Kit included
  • Twist Lock installs directly onto vehicle air vents
  • Includes Micro USB cable and car charger
ADD TO CART - $ 54.95