iTap MagneticMini Air Vent Mount

Magnetic Smartphone Holder

The iOttie iTap Magnetic Mini is a compact air vent mount that holds your smartphone with a strong magnetic grip. The iTap Magnetic Mini attaches to smartphones with four rare-earth magnets that provide a powerful grip for its size. The iTap Magnetic Mini features a rubber Vent Grip that fits both thick and thin air vent blades and easily holds the mount in place. Designed with stylish materials, the iTap Magnetic Mini features a sleek Aluminum Bezel and a smooth anti-slip Rubber Mounting Pad. Created for portability, this low-profile mount is small enough to take with you on to go. Easily attach the Metal Plate on back of smartphones, and simply mount with just a tap.


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Magnetic Mounting

iTap Magnetic Mini Air Vent Mount features a super strong rare earth magnet and is 100% safe for your smartphone.

Universal System

Metal Plate easily attaches to the back of your smartphone or inside the smartphone cases.

Cross Mounting

Vent Grips on back of mount are made of a soft rubber material to protect your vents and provide a firm grip. The spacing between the Vent Grips is varied to provide solutions for both thick and thin air vents.

Multi-Purpose Brace

A Brace can help to support mount when driving and can also be used as a kickstand to prop up your phone when you’re out of your vehicle.

Compact Design

iTap Mini Magnetic is compact and features a slim profile to fit into small or large air vents.

At a Glance

The iTap Magnetic Mini Air Vent Mount includes:

iTap Mini Magnetic   
Air Vent Mount 


  • Universal magnetic mounting can hold any size smartphone
  • Versatile vent grip allows mounting onto thick or thin air vent blades
  • Brace helps to support mount when driving, or it can be used as a kickstand to prop up phone when you’re out of your vehicle
  • iOttie guarantees hassle free 1 year warranty on all products