Active Edge Bike Mount

The iOttie Active Edge Bar Grip Mount For Bike And Motorcycle is our phone mount designed specifically for those with an active lifestyle! The unique bar grip design is universal and works with all range of smartphones even with their cases attached. The mount has been designed with durability and accessibility in mind. Active Edge allows for easy connection to top and bottom ports making headphone a breeze for you to listen to your music while the phone is mounted. You can rotate the device to either landscape or portrait mode which is ideal for GPS usage while you are on the move. The Active Edge is also perfect for other mobility items such as scooters, strollers, golf carts and more. Mount Smart.


ADD TO CART - $ 39.95

Universal Fit

Adjustable arms to fit devices securely in place. Will comfortably fit devices and their cases from 2.25 inches up to 3 inches wide and up to 6.5 inches in height. Mount can fit most cases on selected smartphone comfortably into the holder.


Mount your device quickly & safely in the cradle and retainer arms. Cradle covers 3 corners of your device to provide a secure fit.

Compatible Devices

Fits mobile devices Width 2.25 - 3.1 inches / Height up to 6.5 inches

How to Assemble Bar Mount

Depending on the thickness of your bar, choose one of the combinations below to properly assemble the bar mount

Additional Information

Spacers : To place the spacer back into the clamp, please make sure to point the arrows on the spacer towards the hinge where the bottom base closes around the handlebar Rubber Cushion: Align proper rubber cushion on top of the bottom spacer