Infringment of Intellectual Property

Infringement Notice
Please be aware that there are products being sold on different online selling marketplaces (such as Amazon, eBay, etc) that are or may potentially be infringing upon the intellectual property rights of iOttie, including patent, trademark, and copyright infringement. iOttie is doing its best to put a stop to this illegal action and to protect its IP rights. Please make sure that you are buying from a reputable authorized iOttie reseller. Also, please do not participate in the distribution, sale, or offer for sale of products that infringe the IP rights of iOttie. iOttie is very dedicated to monitoring and reporting potential infringement activity.

Please Note: International Sellers who are selling on a US marketplace are most likely selling an infringing good, so please be aware when purchasing from them. Report infringements to and please provide the following information:
Location of where product is being sold (, eBay, etc)
Seller's name (and/or other information)
Date found/purchased
Picture of product (screenshots, actual images of product, etc)
Any additional comments in regards to the issue