About iOttie: Innovation and Style

Founded in 2010 iOttie has since become a leader in the car accessories industry. We have been utilizing our industry expertise and challenging ourselves to create functional and up to date accessories to aid your everyday mounting needs. As trend seekers and innovators, we are continuously brainstorming new gadgets to hold your device in place while you safely drive.

iOttie is determined to give all of our customers the best customer service possible. We’re a company you can trust. Let us worry about your gadgets, and you take care of the fun!

Mount Smart. Drive Smarter!

Designed in NYC

iOtties products are planned and designed in NYC with their strong, highly qualified team of product developers/designers. iOttie has a very strong R&D team that constantly is researching and developing products in regards to customers needs and demand.

iOttie products are manufactured in South Korea.

Patents & Trademark

iOttie products are protected by one or more patents or patent pending applications in the United States including the following:
  • U.S. Patents: 8,627,953
iOttie Car Mount’s are covered by the following Design Patent:
  • US Patents: US D704,199S, D709,066S
  • Application Number: 29/486,916, 29/487,537, 29/487,673

iOttie is the proud owners of several trademarks as well as patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). iOttie products are covered by one or more of the following trademarks, in the U.S.

When using the marks in publication materials that will be distributed only in the United States, include the appropriate or ® symbol on first use.
For publication materials that will be distributed outside the United States, do not include trademark symbols.
  • iOttie ®
  • Easy One Touch ®
  • Easy Flex ®
  • Easy View ®
  • Mount Smart. Drive Smarter! ®
  • Smart Tap
  • RapidVolt
  • Click, Tap & Drive Safely

iOttie Testing Guide
iOttie car mounts are specifically tested to make sure all of our customers are getting the best quality products in the market. We have done our testing with SGS. Testing includes: stress tests, vibration tests and also, we are compliant with California Prop 65. All these tests can be viewed below for customers who are wondering how the iOttie car mounts have stood up to each test. Click here to view the iOttie Stress Testing Report.
Click here to view the iOttie Vibration Testing Report.


Ready to take your career to the next level?

Have you ever wondered how iOttie designs such innovative products? Simple! A group of highly motivated and creative individuals come together to form a collective group and strong team. iOttie is looking for dedicated employees with positive attitudes who are also always willing to put their best foot forward at all times. Prospective employees are encouraged to work in a team as that is one of the most important values in our company. Products are not the only thing that makes a company, it’s the employees that keep it upbeat and growing. Work hard, play hard. If you work hard iOttie will reward you. We offer fun company perks such as ping pong tournaments, summer lunch Fridays, weekend soccer games, and possible trips to conventions such as CES.
Interested in joining the iOttie team? Check out the open positions below and see where you would fit in best!


Work Hard, get rewarded

The iOttie Team works very hard when it comes to their job responsibilities, this can lead to a promotion within a certain period of time or even a nice raise. iOttie wants to make sure their employees are motivated and ready to work and when the time comes it will all pay off!

Family & Team Work

iOttie's employees are a very tight knit group, they work hard together and are considered as one big family. Not only do they spend time together at work but they also participate in company events such as fishing, company bike rides, picnics, and just a get together at a restaurant to laugh and have a good meal.

New York City Lifestyle

iOtties located in the center of the Big Apple. The city is full of excitement and iOttie has incorporated that excitement into the energy of their office. The views of the city are captivating and allows the iOttie team to become inspired in regards to their work. One can say that iOttie is very much like NYC, constantly growing and moving up.



iOttie wants to make sure their employees are set for the future. They offer a great 401K to make sure that when an employee is finally ready to retire, they will not be left with nothing to their name.


When it comes to your health, iOttie wants to make sure you are at your best! iOttie offers a great health insurance package that will fit your as well as your family's needs. Rest assured, working at iOttie, you will be taken care of health wise.

Other benefits to employees such as:

- 401K
- Paid Time Off
- Group Health Insurance
- Possible End of Year Bonus
- Room to grow within the company

Available Positions

I bet you are wondering how does iOttie create such stylish and protective products? Simple, a team of highly motivated, creative, and innovative individuals come together to form one big growing family.
iOttie is looking for dedicated employees with positive attitudes who are also alwyas willing to put their best foot forward. Interested in joining the iOttie team? Check out the open positions below and see where you would fit in best!