Here at iOttie we take great pride in what we do. Everything from the design of our products to our customer service. One issue that we have been battling for some time is imitation iOttie products. These counterfeits are getting pretty clever, but they can never match the real thing. Even if it looks like a genuine iOttie product, a fake will never be built with the same care or quality. It won’t come with our 1 year warranty, or our great customer service.

To ensure that you are getting an authentic iOttie product, please follow the steps below. If you suspect you have purchased a knockoff, contact our team at

Before You Buy

Real iOttie product are made with care and intention. We strongly suggest you buy from our authorized dealers or online partners here.

We do sell our product on Amazon, here. However, it is possible to get a counterfeit on Amazon.

To be clear, we do not have any other authorized re-sellers on Amazon. If you are not buying directly from Amazon (Ships from and sold by, chances are it’s a fraud.

Quick Tips & Photos

Here are quick tips and photos to ensure you are buying an authentic iOttie product.

  • The iOttie logo will be printed or embedded into the product.
  • The packaging should include a clearly printed iOttie logo on both the front and back of the box.
  • All of our car mounts are Made in Korea and will state this on the product and packaging.
  • Although we like providing sales for our customers, it should be realistic. If you see a staggering discount, chances are, it’s not real. When in doubt, feel free to contact us.
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Easy One Touch 2
iTap Vent Mount

If You Purchased an Imitation

We feel for you if you purchased an inauthentic iOttie product. Unfortunately, all we can do is offer the below suggestions.

1) Try to get a refund. Some re-sellers don’t know they are selling fake products. They may refund your product without hassle.
2) If you can’t receive a refund, try contacting your bank or Credit Card Company and ask them if they can reverse the charges.
3) Please report the imposter to us. We will not only add them to our black list, but will take any necessary legal action.

Report an Imposter